COVID-19 Resources

NJ Vaccination Site Locator - Phase 1 Recipients

COVID-19 vaccines are available now in New Jersey for certain qualified recipients, including healthcare workers. Click below to find a location.

NJ Vaccination Info & Pre-Registration

COVID-19 vaccinations are underway across New Jersey.  Click below to find out more info and pre-register.

IDA COVID Coverage Updates

IDA is closely monitoring the developments regarding COVID-19.

COVID Symptom Checker

Check your symptoms online.

COVID Test Site Finder

Find coronavirus testing near you.

First Responder Testing

The NJSPBA is extending the screening program to ALL First Responders  throughout the state of New Jersey.

Uninsured Rx Discount Program

Find our more info on how to receive discounts on your prescriptions if you are currently uninsured.

NJ Governor's Office & Statement

Continuing information from the NJ Governor's Office.

IDA COVID-19 Updates

Insurance Design Administrators (IDA) is closely monitoring developments regarding the COVID‑19 virus (Coronavirus). We are committed to ensuring that our clients and members can receive appropriate testing and treatment for this virus if needed.

Effective immediately, all IDA-Administered plans will employ the following relaxation of measures, following the advice of the NJ Governor, NJ Department of Health and NJ Department of Insurance. Plans who do not wish to employ these measures can opt out by contacting IDA. Otherwise, the changes are as follows:

  • Testing will be treated as a preventive service, waiving cost‑sharing (such as co‑pays and coinsurance) for the COVID‑19 test when performed at a hospital or an approved laboratory.
  • For those plans who have elected telemedicine, it is highly recommended. It reduces travel, wait times, and potential exposure.
  • Prescription refill restrictions will be lifted on all maintenance medications.
    • We suggest plan members who have long-term maintenance medications act now to refill eligible prescriptions up to your plan’s maximum quantity. This can go a long way to ensure they stay adherent, even during an emergency.
    • Mail Order Pharmacy fills are a convenient option to avoid visiting the pharmacy for refills or new maintenance prescriptions. Our PBM partners are working extended hours to ensure expeditious fulfillment for members. Leveraging home delivery can provide for a safe way to obtain an extended days’ supply of maintenance medications without having to leave the comfort of home. Standard copays apply.
    • We encourage members who do not have a 90 day script to contact their doctor, requesting such a script be submitted to the PBM partner selected by your Plan.
  • Although there is no antiviral treatment or vaccine at this time, more severe cases have benefited from medical intervention and such medically necessary treatment will be covered -  as it is for all other infectious diseases under the terms of the health plan.

This situation is evolving daily, and IDA is prepared to follow federal and state guidance regarding the well-being and support of our clients, members, and IDA team members.

At this point, IDA Management does not expect any imminent service disruption. However, we are reviewing contingency plans to prevent disruption of member access and are both preparing and augmenting our company’s work-at-home capabilities so that business processes may continue with minimal to no interruption.

We will continue to monitor developments and keep you updated as needed.