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Claims Review Procedures In cases where a claim for benefits payment is denied in whole or in part, the Plan Participant may appeal the denial. This appeal provision will allow the Plan Participant to: (1) Request from the Plan Administrator a review of any claim payment. Such request must include: the name of the Employee, his or her Social Security number, the name of the Covered Person/patient and the Group Identification Number, if any. (2) File the request for review in writing, stating in clear and concise terms the reason or reasons for this disagreement with the handling of the claim. The request for review must be directed to the Plan Administrator or Claims Supervisor within sixty (60) days after the claim payment date or the date of the notification of denial of benefits. A review of the denial will be made by the Plan Administrator. The Plan Administrator will provide the Plan Participant with a written response within sixty (60) days of the date the Plan Administrator receives the Plan Participant's written request for review. If, because of extenuating circumstances, the Plan Administrator is unable to complete the review process within sixty (60) days, the Plan Administrator shall notify the Plan Participant of the delay within the sixty (60) day period and shall provide a final written response to the request for review within one hundred twenty (120) days of the date the Plan Administrator received the Plan Participant's written request for review. The Plan Administrator's written response to the Plan Participant shall, if the denial is upheld, cite the specific Plan provision(s) upon which the denial is based. Refer to "Appealing A Claim" in your specific SPD for further appeal procedures.