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The Problem Rising Health Care Benefits Costs. One of the biggest problems faced by employers today is finding affordable and comprehensive health benefits coverage for employees. Despite the advent of HMOs, PPOs and other plan payment options, medical insurance costs continue to rise and so do the demands from employees who want access to the latest medical technology and physicians they know. Navigating through the sea of payment options, medical industry innovations and changing government regulations can be daunting for an employer struggling to create an affordable benefits plan. The Solution Insurance Design Administrators. For an increasing number of employers The Solution to the health benefits dilemma is a Self-Funded Health Benefits Program. Self-funding gives employers flexibility over traditional fully insured, premium-paid insurance programs. Self- funding provides employers cost efficiency, greater control over their cash resources and coverage options that reflect the needs of their industry and the demands of their work force.  To navigate throughout the risks and rewards of self-funding requires an experienced Third Party Administrator (TPA), such as Insurance Design Administrators. Insurance Design Administrators tailors the health benefit solutions that employers seek, whether the company has 50 employees or 50,000, whether they are located in one area or spread from coast to coast. IDA is a recognized national leader in designing and administering self- funded health benefits plans, delivering what employers want most: manageable health benefit costs, without the headaches and hassles of managing a benefits plan.
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